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uberVault Backup.

Our uberVult backup system was created in 2006 to fill the need of businesses to have an incremental backup of their data locally for day-to-day data loss or mistakes as well as an automated offsite version for major disasters that did not compete for bandwidth or processing power during the day. The increase in traffic volume and support requests we get from uber drivers has forced us to remove the phone number. Please email us with your questions regarding the real uberVault service and we will respond as quickly as we can.
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🔐 uberVault is an on-site + off-site encrypted data backup solution for your business featuring an EASY backup server in your office that also replicates nightly to our owned cloud. Professionally monitored with email status alerts. The Ultimate in Easy and Worry free, time tested data backup with 10 years of proven, time after time, easy recovery. You can defeat (even if you are infected with ransomware) using uberVault. Pay no ransom! Read up and order today! 🔐


How It Works

Make life easier and more secure with uberVault data backups.

MontanaSky Networks will install a small digital appliance in your office. Then we owrk with your team to identify the critical and non-critical data to be protected during the initial launch. Setup takes from 20 minutes to a couple of hours depending on your network configuration and the size of the initial data transfer. No reading complicated manuals or knowledge is required on your part to operate or configure the backups. A professional MontanaSky NetworksIT technician will ask a few questions during setup and then you can discard your old tape drive, thumb drive or whatever media you are currently using to back up. It will never be needed again. Hallelujah!

Initial Full Backup

MontanaSky Networks first performs an encrypted full backup of all critical files from your protected server or workstation using a removable disk drive. From then on it uses our time-tested technology to backup your data at the byte level on a schedule of your choice. As it only sends the changes of the changed files, such small data transmissions pose no performance hits or slow downs for your network or internet connection.

Secure Offsite Data Center

Data is transmitted to MontanaSky Network's secure data center on a scheduled basis using state-of-the-art security and 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption. Our uberVault data center features comprehensive physical security, generator power backup and 24 hour monitoring. Your daily data snap shots are transmitted and stored off-site and are encrypted to ensure 100% integrity. This makes the uberVault system HIPAA compliant.

Besides your data being stored on the uberVault appliance in your facility, a secondary backup snap shot of the encrypted data is stored at MontanaSky Networks's owned data center. The chance of total data loss is as close to none as is possible. This system protects you from ransomware threats should you fall prey to a scam where you get locked out by virus who demands money to get it back. 30 days of snap shots gives you peace of mind and secure data.

Day-To-Day Recovery Access

The uberVault that is located in your office lets authorized individuals access up to 30 days of complete backups via windows explorer or other computer browsing software. The backups are locked down for read permission only and can not be deleted nor altered. It can, however, be copied via simple drag-and-drop action. Thereby you always have simple access to files you may have accidentally deleted or corrupted. If your backups would fail, MontanaSky Networks will notify you and offer to assist you in getting your backups up and running again. Reasons for failure may be that someone has unplugged the uberVault, internet is down or download directories have been moved.

Recovery Options

Point, click, drag-and-drop your files or folders from the uberVault to restore the most current version of your data or a version from the historical archive for up to 30 days. Off-Site files in the MontanaSky uberVault data center can be restored after contacting MontanaSky Networks IT Team:

  • Online via your Internet connection from the offsite vaulting facility through ftp/http or email depending on your preference
  • On CD-ROM, DVD or Removable Hard Drive and delivered overnight to anywhere in the country or physically delivered by a MontanaSky Networks technician if it is within a 100 mile radius of MontanaSky Networks data warehouse.

Professional Service Monitoring

MontanaSky Networks takes over the responsibility of monitoring your connection and the success of your backups. We offer to restore your data at no cost when bad things happen. Our business it to collect, protect and restore data, and to help minimize potential down time in case of disaster. MontanaSky Networks will detect and resolve problems, often before you even knew they existed.

Customer Service

Customer Service works closely with the MontanaSky Networks data center technicians to answer your questions or provide assistance.
Let MontanaSky Networks focus on your data security so that you can focus on your business.

Why chose uberVault?

uberVault has solved all the issues that continue to plague the online backup companies.

Some benefits to you are:

  1. Ease of Recovery.
    Have you considered how long it would take to download 30 Gig. (figure a week).
    Online backup companies offer you a few gigs of storage and leave you to download your data when you need it. Can you afford to wait a week to get your data back?

    The uberVault will always have your data stores locally, in your facility; unless you have a physical disaster. (Theft, Vandalism Fire etc.)
    The offsite data will be sent or delivered to you. You will not have to download it. This is part of our promise to you. There is no cost in recovery. MontanaSky Networks will even pay for the storage media and shipping.

  2. Day-To-Day Value
    Most other backup solutions are only time consuming, expensive, cumbersome and rarely done right and are only used in case of a major problem such as a hard drive crash or major virus attack or other disaster. uberVault works 24 / 7 without you worrying!

    The uberVault will act as a network drive that you can access at any time. You can pick what day you want to explore, in the last 30 days. Find your file and drag and drop it to a location on your computer. This comes in handy when you have accidentally deleted a file or over saved it, or it has been corrupted.

  3. Data Safety
    Online data storage companies generally have access to your data. Do you know who you are dealing with? Do you trust that personal data is not stolen or misused?

    The uberVault system is set up so that your files can only be decrypted by an ubervault, and that uberVault must be keyed, and each key is very long, complicated and unique. If the key is lost, not even MontanaSky Networks can recover your data.

  4. No Licensing, No Complex Pricing
    Many backup companies require you to install software that cost money and they do charge by seat rather than by company. The cost of safe guarding your entire network can become very expensive. Most companies offer between 3-10 Gigs of storage.

    The uberVault system has one monthly fee that gives you up to 100 Gigs of remote storage. That is a very large amount of data. Additional storage is $1 per Gig per month.

  5. Hardware Separation
    What good is running your local backup on the computer where the data is used. If your computer goes down, your backup is gone too. If your computer connects to an off site service, it will sit and use up processing power and bandwidth while you are trying to work.

    The uberVault takes over the task of synchronizing with the remote server. It can work all night while your computer is shut off. As long as your files are scheduled to be copied to the uberVault while your computer is on.


Stop worrying, Start Moving, Contact us today to get uberVault backups insuring your data now!

Contact sales at 406-752-4335 or email MontanaSky UberVault Sales